1 yıl önce - Çeviri Yap

Produce daily, earn daily, automatically win again. Those who registered will be awarded with the draw:
1st: 1 BTC
2nd: 0.5 BTC
3rd: 0.3 BTC
4th ~ 10th: 0.1 BTC
11th ~ 30th: 0.01 BTC
31st ~ 50th: 0.005 BTC
51st ~ 70: 0.002 BTC
71st ~ 100: They will earn 0.001 BTC.
In addition, those who participate in the Hold - Win program will be awarded $ 100000 by drawing.
With the Hold - Earn function, you can both earn COIN by holding daily tokens (COINS) in your wallet, and get BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, etc. from every day's income. earn, also earn extra COIN with the automatic investment plan.
Get paid as people shop and diversify your free portfolio with the Buy & Sell function.
All of your investments are insured.
In order to benefit from the campaign, it is obligatory to authenticate (kyc) by registering https://koindex.io/auth/register/24Q3SpIeW0q with the link provided here.



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