Path of Exile from Hack and Slash Genres is Passive Skills' Tree

Path of Exile from Hack and Slash Genres is Passive Skills' Tree


POE Currency  - abilities that are passive, talent tree

As mentioned, there are 3 basic attributes in the sport, such as:

Strength, which is the character's strength. For each 10 STR points, the character receives a 2% bonus plus 5 health issues to damage. Strength permits you to wear heavy armor and weapons, in addition to utilize red skill stones and encourage stones.

Each 10 points raises Evasion and increases 20 points of accuracy. In addition, it impacts the ability to use green skill stones and support stones.

Intelligence, i.e. merely intelligence. Each 10 points ensures 5 additional mana and increases the energy shield level by 2%. The attribute used by characters battling spells, thus affecting the ability to utilize encourage stones and skills. The high Intelligence parameter lets you dress all wands, as well as armor providing energy shield and staff.

Character attributes can be raised mainly in two ways. The first is the character's gear - each element of this armor in addition to jewellery (rings and amulet) can provide various bonuses to a couple of features. The second, as if the most important origin, are ability points - these can be invested in the skill tree to unlock passive skills, the majority of which offer an attribute bonus.

It's worth noting that each character will likely have one of those attributes developed over the others. This is ordinary - each character is focused on a specific gameplay style, using the weapons and ability stones associated with the given attribute.

The thing that definitely distinguishes POE Goods from hack and slash genres is passive skills' tree. It gives access to a huge number of different abilities that increase the parameters of the personality and it's mainly thanks to it that players can accommodate the character to their type of play.


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