In a series of hints similar to the clue scroll system and challenges

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Since a significant expansion of the desert is expected to be completed in the early part of 2022. including the fabled Raids 3 -- Tombs of Amascut -the Tombs of Amascut Jagex appears to be using this event as a minor indication of RS Gold what's next for the old new MMO.

However, for the moment players can indulge in a weekend of fishing, cooking, as well as good old-fashioned treasure hunting. Arnav was waiting on the bank to the west of Al-Kharid palace, hid undiscovered treasures in the city.

In a series of hints similar to the clue scroll system and challenges the player by solving a series three riddles in order to discover where this chest is. Approach the four statues guarding the central fountain that is located in the courtyard of Al-Kharid palace. Dance emotes, after which the clue to the other will reveal itself.

This is anagram referring to Ranael, the owner of the platekirt shop to the southeast of the palace. She will provide the player with the third and final clue when they speak to. Zeke the scimitar salesman situated north of the palace. He sells bronze, iron, steel and mithril models from the weapon. When approached Zeke, he challenges the buyer with a secondary challenge which is to count the balloons in osrs gold for sale cheap the house.

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