Lost Ark 7th and 8th mokoko seeds found in Twilight Mists

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Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed in Twilight Mists

Twilight Mists is the final region of Anikka Twilight Mists, the sixth Lost Ark continent. It's home to Bleak Edge, the Bleak Edge dungeon, which contains five mokoko seedsLost Ark Gold. The area itself contains additional ten seeds, making it the highest mokoko-rich region in Anikka.

There aren't any special conditions required to obtain any mokoko seeds within Twilight Mists. Two require you to locate an undiscovered path off the main map, however it's just a matter of finding the correct spot. The rest are easy to find, but in the event that you are unable to locate one of them, we go through the entire map below.

Lost Ark 1st and 2nd mokoko seeds from Twilight Mists

Begin from the Amethyst Fog Triport and leave the area to the west. Leave the next area to the northwest, embracing the right-hand side of the trail. There's a signpost to your left. You can walk past it, and then away from the cliff and to the clouds, and there are two mokoko seeds.

Lost Ark 3rd and 4th mokoko seeds from Twilight Mists

When you're in Cloud Valley Triport, head to the Cloud Valley Triport, head toward the southwest, towards Bleak Edge. Along the way to the very top of the steps which lead to the dungeon, you'll find the third mokoko.

Instead of climbing the steps, continue following the west-facing path through the ghosts of Tilota. Take the leap at the end of the tunnel onto an enormous platform, from where you'll find NPC Yuul. Go past her to the west, and you'll find the waterfall and the large statue. Fourth seed can be found located at the base of the statue to the left of the.

Lost Ark 5th and 6th mokoko seeds from Twilight Mists

To get the next two seeds head to the entrance into Bleak Edge. Bleak Edge dungeon. Three jump spots are located located on the circular platform that the entry point is located on. The north and west jump points can take you to tiny areas with mokoko seeds.

Lost Ark 7th and 8th mokoko seeds found in Twilight Mists

Go northeast towards the northeast from Cloud Valley portal into the next section. The center of the area is a wooden round platform. The seventh mokoko is located to the left of the staircase on the ground, right in the middle of a few candles.

From here, go to the south, down the steps best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. From there, follow the western border of the area, and then continue to the to the south. Soon, you'll see an area of rocks with a seed that is partially hidden by the fog.