What is the take of makeup artists in Thane on semi-permanent makeup?

“Sweetheart! You look PHAT. I wonder how anyone can look so beautiful without even wearing makeup. "

" Your spouse compliments you. You just smile and blush without saying a word to him because you don’t want to reveal your super secret of "natural" beauty to him. Sorry, but today we have to spill the beans because semi-permanent makeup has become the talk of the town as everyone is talking about it, and many women know about it. As a result, we spoke with top makeup artists in Thane to get their thoughts on the matter. Read on.


What is Semi-permanent makeup? 

Semi-permanent makeup is a technique to bring a glow to the face and enhance facial features like lips, brows, and eyes in order to add definition to the countenance. The pigment is injected into the skin's outermost layers using a tiny vibrating needle to enhance the outer layer of the skin. 


Semi-permanent BB glow - The hot talk of the town 

YouTube, Insta, Facebook, and every platform are loaded with semi-permanent BB glow treatment. Every female is curious to learn more. And for that reason, we talked about it with the best makeup artists in Mumbai. They explained to us that the semi-permanent BB glow treatment is intended to offer a tinted treatment that enables one to conceal facial blemishes and imperfections while seeming to wear constant, lightweight makeup. 


It is a micro-needling process, they informed us. The most outstanding results, according to artists, need a series of 3–4 sittings. They assert that the glow lasts 4-6 months after the course of therapy. As for safety, professionals in the field of beauty have responded YES. They say that teenagers should avoid the treatment.


Apart from BB glow, lip blushing, and semi-perm lip tinting techniques, another beauty innovation is in high demand. However, according to specialists, the procedure is painful and causes side effects like rash, scars, blood-borne illnesses, etc. 

Concluding Note 

We hope you found the article helpful. Comment to us if you want to know more about any specific beauty topic. 

Be Pretty! 


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