Best keypad door locks of 2022

Best keypad door locks of 2022Best keypad door locks of 2022

Best keypad door locks of 2022

Keypad door locks, once popular in commercial settings, have quickly gained traction in recent years with homeowners. The devices add convenience by eliminating the need to fumble with keys to get inside, and also allow homeowners to grant access to friends and family by programming temporary passcodes.To get more news about best fingerprint door lock, you can visit official website.

The best keypad door locks can also make your home more secure. Some, for example, automatically lock the door when you or a family member forget to flip the bolt. For even greater control, there are smart keypad door locks that allow you to remotely lock and unlock the door, program pass codes, and even track who’s coming and going. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right one. In this guide, we’ll review the factors you should consider when shopping for the best keypad door lock.
How we selected the best keypad door locks
We looked at a variety of factors while assessing dozens of keypad door locks options. We considered installation to determine how easily the average DIYer could set up the lock. We also evaulated how easy it was to program (and delete) codes as well as how many different codes the lock supported.

A good keypad door lock shouldn’t require an IT pro to get it online and running, so we looked at how compatible the device was with smart devices, smart home systems, and home automation platforms—as well as ease of setup. Since most keypad door locks use a battery, we considered battery life as well; these devices are supposed to add convenience, not create more work by constantly requiring battery changes.Why it made the cut: In addition to providing the programmability that most keypad entry door locks offer, Camelot also includes attractive add-ons, including its Flex-Lock feature, which stops the bolt from accidentally locking you out.

As much as keypads can help, they can also be a hassle: Many will auto-lock you out every time the door closes. Schlange’s Camelot offering features a Flex-Lock setting, which allows the user to stop the bolt from dropping and locking you out. It takes some getting used to (a switch on the interior side needs to be flipped vertically to activate the feature), but it’s definitely very useful. Activating it will stop the door from locking while you’re making trips back and forth to the car to unload groceries—or keep the kids from locking themselves out while they’re playing in the yard.

The lever-style handle is what perhaps makes this the best electronic front door lock: The grip makes it easy to open the door with a load of groceries in both arms with a well-placed elbow.

Like other keyless entry locks, this model comes with two pre-programmed entry codes, but you can create up to 19 different four-digit ones for guests and kids, which are easy to add and delete. It also includes other necessities, such as an override key (in case you forget the code or the battery dies) and a lighted keypad for easier visibility at night. And, with its seven finish options, it’s easy to match this doorknob with your own personal decor.
Most WiFi locks require a whole-home smart hub to tap into their wireless features. Not so with this model from Schlage, which allows you to access the lock remotely without going through a smart hub middleman.

Schlage makes connecting the lock to your network easy—a signature of the best WiFi keypad door lock. Simply scan the QR code in the lock’s battery compartment and enter your WiFi password. It connects directly to your network, so you can access it via the Encode app or with voice commands through digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also works with the Amazon Key delivery service, which allows you to grant access for couriers. Through the app, you can create up to 100 permanent or temporary access codes, schedule specific start and end times for each code, and get push alerts when the lock is locked or unlocked and by which user.