I will cancel my saline and re install the game

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They prevent warp in them, and cause individuals warping to them to land on the edge of EVE Echoes ISK the bubble.Anchorable ones suck, but launched ones are good. Just usable in nullsec.There's also Heavy Interdiction Cruisers in EO that, rather than starting an interdiction bubblegenerate a bubble around the ship. In addition, it can use a module script to change the bubble into one long range disruptor with boundless purpose, which is used to tackle super-capitals for example Titans.

Yeah I doubt we will see a HIC until we see a super. The functionality on mid range phones and battery life for this game are unbelievable. Just an incredible task by web ease.Yeah it's daft. Tech has come a long way. In fairness space games have been somewhat simpler. No trees lol but it's amazing.I agree, but there's two things that could ruin it: Gate camping, and bubble camping. We will see.Those are typical PvP approaches in EO, last time I played with it. It didn't kill EO, that wouldn't kill EE either. People will adapt to that tactic.

It killed EO for me. We are talking about what makes a great mobile game here. In my view, this really is the best mobile game ever made, unless they present gate camping and other grief mechanics.

It serves only to enable simpler Cheap EVE Mobile ISK pvp and ganking, to not simulate what a RL space-farer might confront.

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