These do not disturb me at all

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Something that bothers me at a lot of Animal Crossing Items gambling subreddits is"that I bought the thing!" Posts reaching massive amounts of upvotes. However, there are some really talented artists out there making exquisite fanmade merch, which shouldn't be discounted. I want to mention that maybe merch posts ought to be limited to the men and women who made the items, but that might cross into self-promotion too much.

Official merch certainly does not have to be part of the subreddit. This should be a place to show off things we've made, both in and outside of this sport, and also to discuss the game as a whole. We are going to be swamped with pictures of makeup boxes and Sanrio amiibo cards if we don't do something about it.

Just lots more common occurrences. When you have been here nearly every day for a year, you get tired of visiting"[villager] spitting fire!" Because still another participant is getting the"hating pineapple pizza is cool" conversation. And while it is mostly not an issue since winter is pretty much over, I got reeeeeal sick of seeing screenshots of misshapen snowboys stating"What. Is. Going. On." Yeah sure that was amusing that the first 10 times it occurred in early December.


Personally I'm not bothered with this. I enjoy knowing what is coming so I could best prepare for it. The one thing that disturbs me about time-traveling is if somebody posts about"eventually" achieving something that is simply possible through time-travel, like getting all the zodiac products, but we're pretty much past the point of that being a problem today.


These do not disturb me at all, and that I can confidently say they aren't posted to make someone unhappy about death except to remember and celebrate a loved one's life. Whenever someone posts about a villager seeing their grandma's memorial, by way of example, I simply consider it as posting about the way they still feel their grandmother is using them, which is a happy thing.

This wasn't motivated but I want to see some type of animal crossing items new horizons rule about frequency of submitting. Posts within 24-48 hours is just overkill karmawhoring.

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