Popular animators for celebrating a boy's birthday  

We all remember ourselves in childhood, at the moment when the upcoming birthday was awaited with special trepidation. We dreamed of numerous gifts,

We all remember ourselves in childhood, at the moment when the upcoming birthday was awaited with special trepidation. We dreamed of numerous gifts, attention of adults and looked forward to the holiday itself - a day that will rightfully belong only to you, where there will be a place for funny friends for birthday wishes, surprises, and a big birthday cake! Oh, what sweet memories!

Parents of today are very lucky. We can give the kid a real fairy tale, see his genuine emotions of joy and delight, and even return to childhood for a few hours ...

The main nuances of choosing an animator

The first thing the parents of the future birthday man are puzzled over is the choice of images of the animators and the theme of the event. And if for young beauties the variety of desires that can be realized is large enough, moms and dads of mischievous boys usually face some difficulty in this matter. Don't worry, the country's most sought-after team has a lot to offer you! In this article, we'll talk about how to choose a birthday animator for a boy.

There are several main criteria that should be followed:

  1. the age of the child;
  2. his interests;
  3. temperament and character traits;
  4. fashion trends among peers.

Popular children's artists

  • Kids under the age of 5, most often, prefer characters from popular cartoons. Such programs as "Fixies", "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Pinocchio" will be perceived by them with a bang. And It really matters how old they are.
  • School-age boys dream of dizzying adventures, dream of grandiose battles and exploits. We are capable of realizing their unbridled fantasies. Pay attention to the programs: Ninja Turtles, Fort Boyard, Transformers, Superheroes, Safari, Knights, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
  • Parents of teenage boys know how difficult it is to surprise and captivate mature sons. The Sea Show team has succeeded more than once. The show programs "YouTube", "Hip-Hop Party", "Minecraft" and "DanceParty" are respected among teenagers.
  • A birthday party in the style of a football party with real fans and team play will delight kids who are fond of sports. Everyone's fun, active pastime and sports spirit are guaranteed!
  • A quest can become a highlight of the holiday program for a child. Quest is an exciting entertainment not only for boys, but also for girls and their parents. A popular game can be implemented on different topics, but the essence remains the same - the main action takes place around solving various puzzles and tasks hidden in a certain territory. At the end, the players will receive the coveted prize!
  • The grandiose "Tesla Show" will encourage boys who are keen on science and amazing experiments to put aside gadgets . During the interactive show, anyone who wishes with their own hands will create an electric discharge and see a real ball lightning! We advise you to invite a physics teacher so that you have something to discuss in the classroom! Get ready, there will be thunder, lightning and genuine delight at the party!

Whatever theme and characters you choose, affirm a rich scenario - boys do not like to sit still. Relays, sports games and other activities are mandatory parts of the party.


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