Contacts on LinkedIn: The 7 types of CONTACTS you relate to.

Imagine LinkedIn is a planet. A planet is full of professionals and comp

Imagine LinkedIn is a planet. A planet is full of professionals and companies.

You land there with a mission 

Someone buy what you sell :

  1. your ideas
  2. your job
  3. your services
  4. your professional respect
  5. your products ...

You have just landed and you start looking around, looking for someone you know who can guide you a bit or simply accompany you on this new adventure.

After a short time, you discover that 700 million people live on that planet, belonging to 200 different countries. Off, it's a bit dizzy ... right?

You know that you should start looking for friends, contacts, people to meet with to achieve your mission.

And you must know how those people are structured around YOU.

You should also limit your network of first-degree LinkedIn contacts to 30,000 people. This limits the game a bit and you have to count on it!

Still, the number of people who follow you (followers) is unlimited.

You see, each of the inhabitants of that planet called LinkedIn is related to you from:



  1. It can be a First Degree Contact (maximum 30,000 contacts)
  2. Maybe a Second Degree Contact
  3. Maybe a Third Degree Contact
  4. It may belong to the same "Professional Group" as you


  1. It can be a follower of yours  (unlimited number of followers)
  2. It can be someone you "follow"
  3. Or it may be "outside" of your network

There's no more. Each inhabitant, each one of the 700 million people who are registered on LinkedIn has one of these 7 relationships with you. They all have an amazing, impressive profile with fancy fonts. 

It is inside or outside your network and related to you in one of these ways. Why is it important to know this? Because depending on how you are related to one of the members here on LinkedIn you will be able to perform some actions or not.

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