Please don't hesitate to inform your remarks

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Crafting- Less thread utilized. Farming- Less chance for OSRS gold a plant to die/become diseased when planted wearing this cape. Fishing- Little chance on catching two fish at once. Fletching- Again, not sure. Any ideas? Herblore- More opportunity for herb drops. (I couldn't consider anything better. Ideas?) Hunter- Less chance for the hunter critters to watch you/escape.

Mining- Little opportunity to receive two ores simultaneously. (Mine quicker is probably a much better idea that was suggested.) (I had been originaly thinking more chance of stone but not sure.) Runecrafting- Little prospect of decreasing the runes you're making.

Thieving- Less chance to fail. (Could also be more chance of having a greater reward not sure how thieving works with rewards however ) Woodcutting- Small opportunity to get two logs simultaneously. (Wc faster is probably a much better idea that has been suggested) Firemaking- Fires last more. (please note that these will be added on to the +9 defence that all the capes already have and with all the trimmed capes the + prayer)

Sorry if I forgot any skills. Leaving for the mountain house soon and this thought popped into my head, just wanted to get it down quickly. Additionally if this has already been suggested I am sorry, as I said above I am just rushing to get down this and didn't take the opportunity to look through the suggestions. For this reason I probably won't post again for at least 4 hours.

Please don't hesitate to inform your remarks, andything that could be anything you do not like. I'm hoping that's will be enjoyed and if I will get a good majority of individuals who approve I shall visit the runescape forums for this particular suggestion. If you do not think it is a fantastic idea then place the defects you see. You can anyone tell me the way to get the survey thing to work? It does not seem to be working. Thanks for the tips. Look forward to hearing more input.

Lright... well a banned member added the concept of a Player Owned Training Area, I did like this idea but many people said that it could be too simple to reach level-126. When I read it I found more holes and errors in it than a copy of the buy RS gold Mona Lisa made from Swiss cheese... First off remove that quest, no purpose in it, we will only make it a growth of PoH. Second it will require a Good Deal of cash, many things, and a brand new room

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