Sorry it took a day. I had some stuff to do

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You do realize clothing items do nothing to NBA 2K21 MT increase your sponsorships? All you get is sneakers from whatever company you signed with. having ps+ makes NBA 2K21 So. Much. More. Fun. Park, play today, my group online, rec my league the cages. All these are so much better than simply grinding mycareer. You spent your VC on useless things complain about how it takes too long to upgrade characters? Bruh that bc you grinded was sufficient to get at least four gamers. Playing one season gives you enough to get to 90. Playing with rec along with other styles gives enough to get to 95+.

Try giving yourself an true challenge with my own league. Make a rival, not a superteam. Perform online. Rebuild a team sensibly. In conclusion, no I don't support overall greediness of 2K and the microtransactions, but your complaints are wrong. As you spent it all on 26, you gained sufficient vc on one personality for them to 95, however did not get up them. You didn't even attempt to get half NBA 2K21, the very fun half and therefore are stating NBA 2K21 is boring. Lastly, you claiming it rated and should be easy, that has got to be the dumbest argument I've ever heard. E is content evaluation there is a game. A competitive match should not be easy. NBA 2K21 takes at least a bit of ability, it just seems like you do not wanna do the job.

Sorry it took a day. I had some stuff to do. Where do I begin. Hopefully in 2K21 they will eliminate that, but I ai not holding my breath. The VC thing. Yeah.I got bored of grinding it out and because I am broke I am not paying for Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins this. I didn't know there was not an incentive to being decked out in the clothing of my sponsor so that was unnecessary spending.

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