What do you think of the Path of Exile Ultimatum?

This patch also brings many balance changes and redesign elements of the previous alliance mechanism.

The mechanism of Ultimatum resembles Ritual 2.0 in many ways. It's like Switch to Wii U. Like Daniel and Cooler Daniel. But is etiquette only a breakthrough 2.0? In any case, the point is that, like some previous technologies, the ultimatum beat surrounds the players in a circle, and waves of monsters enter the game. Every round is held with an ultimatum, and in theory each round is getting harder and harder. Every speech will bring better returns. If you fail at any time, the prize will be forfeited. One can also refuse to move on and receive any rewards obtained before that.

As always, there is another boss to fight: the chief judge. He feels lost in every ultimatum and usually puts pressure on everyone due to digging or failure. If not, you may be disappointed in success. In general, his personality is one of the most important events in the league. I believe this POE Currency will be added to the list of key mechanisms again. Although I hate this expansion, I am happy that it will occupy a place on the road to exile in the foreseeable future.

As for the boss fighting himself? I can't actually comment. He appears randomly in the tenth round of Ultimatum  and can only happen when he reaches the red map. Usually, in the league, by now, I have been very familiar with the red map. However, the mapping has become meaningless, so that the red map I can only draw at level 90 is what I bought. POE Orbs also allows me to get the best gaming experience.

This patch also brings many balance changes and redesign elements of the previous alliance mechanism, especially what they leave behind, regardless of how they work. Although not all are improvements, all of them are categorized as reward improvements. Again, I can't say that I feel a little change, or even don't care, because the game has made great progress at this point.