Things that may frighten you concerning this dungeon

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Thieving- less opportunity to fail. (Could also be more chance of getting a greater reward not certain how thieving works with RS gold rewards though) Woodcutting- Small opportunity to get two logs simultaneously. (Wc quicker is probably a better idea that has been indicated ) Firemaking- Fires last longer. (please note that these will be inserted on to this +9 defence that all the capes have and with all the trimmed capes the + prayer)

Sorry if I forgot some abilities. Leaving for the mountain house shortly and this thought popped into my mind, just wanted to get down it quickly. Also if this has already been suggested I'm sorry, like I said above I'm just hurrying to get down this and didn't take the time to check through the suggestions. For this reason I likely will not post again for at least 4 hours.

Please don't hesitate to tell your remarks, andything that could be better, anything you don't like. I am hoping that's will be liked and when I will find a great majority of people who approve then I shall go to the runescape forums with this proposal. Love... Please no flaming though. If you do not think it's a good idea then post the defects you see. Also can anybody tell me the way to have the survey thing to work? It does not appear to be working. Thank you for the tips.

Lright... well a banned member added the idea of a Player Owned Training AreaI did like this idea but many people stated that it could be too simple to get to level-126. When I read it I found more openings and mistakes in it than a copy of the Mona Lisa made from Swiss cheese... First off remove that pursuit, no point in it, we'll only make it an expansion of PoH. Secondly it will require a Good Deal of money, many items, and a brand new room

Things that may frighten you concerning this dungeon... that the next things will follow this phrase: I will not Locate (Insert Rule) within my dungeon. Single Combat(This is a multi combat dungeon so remember you have been warned...) Safe Spots (That is inteded for just those who are brave enough to risk there things ) Teleporting (Once more for those who are brave enough to risk it ) Prayer (This can be completly cut off by the Gods, if you try praying it won't work)

Pures lost a lot of value. I am not saying that they suck today, as I have one, but it's difficult to get that kill sometimes. Pjing skyrocketed. At least in edge people would request struggles.

This wasn't exactly what we planned to happen, therefore, we have tweaked the rules so multiway combat can only be utilized in buy RuneScape gold certain circumstances. Jagex does not like players to have an unfair advantage over people so here goes the simplest fix EVER!

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