How this witch summoner was built for the Path of Exile

The remaining passive points should be mainly used to increase the character's life and general utility nodes.

Breathing thieves can use the minion construction in Path of Exile to become very powerful, especially for wizard summoners like necromancers. In view of the fact that the corrections of the rare monsters killed are all transferred to the withered spores, it can obtain attachments such as the aura of "other allies cannot die; effectively prevent players and their minions from being killed during the dead of the withered spores or unless killed dead. Necromancers also have their own aura affinity, this version takes advantage of this and provides many superimposed buffs for any environment.

The main minion used for this build actually depends on the player's preference. This is because the structure is very diverse in terms of equipment and operating methods. Therefore, summoning skeletons or resurrecting zombies is effective. Auxiliary gems are also interchangeable. Except for two specific gems, they may be the most suitable for Path of Exile, minion damage. And each minion skill in the elemental army used to be a general damage multiplier. But the latter is more interesting because it allows minions to use more tanks due to elemental resistance bonuses. At the same time increase elemental damage and exposure when attacking.

Considering the versatility of the structure and the number of modules provided by Path of Exile, the main recommendation is to obtain wands that trigger spells when using skills, so they can be used as weapons. Another useful add-on is Restore x% of life when you are blocked, which is especially useful for the bone donor necromancer. Use Rumi's ingredients to obtain some POE Currency from the three passives. This will always keep the Necromancer safe, thanks to all the lives restored through blocks and other useful buffs, including basalt explosions to reduce physical damage. The Ultimatum introduces Lifetap support for Path of Exile, which can also be used to allow ghosts to cast utility buffs more frequently.

The remaining passive points should be mainly used to increase the character's life and general utility nodes. Of course, you can also increase the maximum number of followers that can be summoned based on the damage and death of the followers. There is no cornerstone to grasp, but the balance of the elements can help maintain the enemy's debuff, and a stable posture can help avoid dizziness. As for the sublimation node of the Necromancer, it should include the sacrifice of the hostess, the dark commander, unconscious aggression, and unnatural forces or bone barriers, depending on whether the player will buy poe currency at, to make their super labyrinth node have more damage Or survivability.