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MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome THG Tantalum Aventurine 06.TAL.BLA Replica Watch

UR-100 GunMetal from URWERK: a place where the sun shines

Since ancient times, humans have been accustomed to the general habit of seeking guidance from the sky. Instinctively, we all know that no matter where we are in the world, the sun, our astronomical clock and reference point will rule our daily lives. Therefore, we started with the Urwerk UR-100 GunMetal Watch derived from URWERK's SpaceTime model, and put the entire watch series on our journey around the sun.

URWERK UR-100 GunMetal
Urwerk's name comes from the birth of civilization-the ancient city of Ur in Mesopotamia with a history of 6,000 years. There the Sumerians were there to divide the daily trajectory of the shadows into 12 parts, thus creating our basic unit of time. Since then, these initial rough steps have evolved into today's highly sophisticated astronomical clocks, but the principle remains the same: our days are controlled by our silent rotating orbit around the sun. Every year, our passengers inadvertently travel billions of kilometers of space on our rotating planet at an average speed of 30 kilometers per second.

This is the journey shown on the UR-100 GunMetal dial.

In addition to URWERK's trademark satellite configuration (hovering hour and minute), the UR-100 GunMetal replica watches for sale also makes your spinning space clearer. After the minute hand has completed the 60-minute journey, it will reappear at 20 minutes of 555 kilometers. If you stand on the equator of our rotating planet, this is the distance you travel in 20 minutes. The opposite scale tracks your travels in the space around the sun: 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes. URWERK UR-100 GunMetal
On the display of the UR-100 GunMetal, time and distance remain the same, hours and minutes are displayed in bright green, and kilometers are displayed in bright white. Watchmaker and URWERK co-founder Felix Baumgartner revealed that his idea came from a clock given to him by his father, Geri, who is a famous antique watch repairer. "It was made by Gustave Sandoz for the 1893 World's Fair. It does not show time, but shows the distance travelled by a point on the equator." URWERK designers and others Co-founder Martin Frei struggled to adapt to the clock's instructions. UR-100. "From my point of view, a watch is both a physical and conceptual representation of our position on the rotating earth. It fixes us on precise but brief time and longitude."

Under the dome of UR-100, URWERK's caliber 12.01 caliber drives the carousel to transmit three satellites for hours. These satellites travel for 60 minutes in a row. Each is made of anodized aluminum and then blasted and blasted. The attachment screws are each sanded. The satellite rests on a ruthenium-plated brass wheel. Hours show the top structure is frosted and sandblasted aluminum. The UR-100 bi-directional automatic winding rotor is controlled by a special-shaped screw called Windfänger.MBF Legacy Machine Perpetual 03.YL.BL

The appearance of the UR-100 is nostalgic. Many owners of URWERK watches will remember the first models of the independent brand. "We took some of the stylistic features of the first buildings and then constructed them," explained Martin Frei. "For example, the steel dome of our earlier model is now a transparent sapphire crystal. The hard contour of the titanium case highlights its perfection. He concluded that because I always have different requirements for symmetry, I use Different ratios have come to catch the eye.

URWERK UR-100 GunMetal
URWERK UR-100 GunMetal technical specifications and price
Limited Edition 25


Movement Self winding UR 12.01, winding rotor controlled by Windfänger screw.
Jewellery 39
Equilibrium frequency 28 800v / h – 4Hz
48 hours power reserve
Material Satellite hour on the Bronze Bronze Geneva cross; aluminum chassis ARCAP alloy triple floor.
Finish round and sanding, shot peening; chamfered screw heads; hours and minutes of painting in SuperLumiNova.

Satellite hours and minutes;
The distance of rotation to reach the equator in 20 minutes;
The orbital distance is within 20 minutes.

Material: Titanium and stainless steel, GunMetal PVD coating.
Size: Width: 41mm, Length: 49.7mm, Height: 14mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: pressure tested on 3ATM (30m)

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