So I decide to grab my adamant arrows that I used throughout the struggle

So I decide to grab my adamant arrows that I used throughout the struggle


So I decide to grab my adamant arrows that OSRS Gold I used throughout the struggle (I used a fair couple, therefore that they were worth a bit), then bank everything, and then collect the other gear.

There was nothing to differ between my heap of arrows, and his so I had no clue who is I had been picking up, and that I believed he was using mithril arrows (should have been my computer, or my eyes).

A solution? So basically I presume items that you used throughout a battle (such as arrows) should possess a normal color when you mouse-over them, and items of the person you killed should be another colour, so that you are able to distinguish between them rather than receive a penalty. Just something that I think needs changing.

While you did the tutorial (players who have already done it might need to speak to Mandrith about drop lists, brief dialogue ) Mandrith will inform you that items which are colored white in the list when you mouse over them are rightfully yours (they had been yours, dropped through a fight or fired as a projectile, or a target you murdered ) and you can pick up them without consequences. Though things that are colored red when you mouse over them are not rightfully yours, so in the event that you pick them up you will gain a pickup penalty. That would explain what you're able to pick up with no penalty, and what you can't.

K the narrative starts out. .) . And then it"teleports" into the imp king's castle and provides it into the imp who'd always wanted one..And therefore the king directs you to seek out the wizard at the peak of the magician tower( the wicked one alongside the lesser demon)and so after you do he would like you to catch him 20 fire runes and 5 choas runes for a brand new charm he's been wanting to create. . Then as soon as you do he teleports you to Old School RS Gold some fiery dungeon and you have to combat these imp guards. (lvl 25)and they use melee and ranged although maybe not automobile attack so you won't die.

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