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Runescape is the MMORPG right? In my view, its just an MMOPG. I simply don't see a roleplaying element . There are not many distinct items to RuneScape gold use to roleplay and nowhere to roleplay. Jagex should add a couple of realms specializing in roleplaying, an individual should be a freeplayers and rest should be associates. In these worlds, it could be against the rules to speak out of character (except privately and clan talks ). After enough offences, you'd be suspended from roleplaying realms for a short time.

Also, jagex should provide folks an option while at the clothing shop in varrok (forgot the title ) to rather than actually changing your outfit, get it into item form. This would allow you to take clothes off and on, more of a roleplaying such as way. More boots and hats should obviously be added.

Next, player owned houses ought to be permitted to be obtained by a few people while you're offline, sort of like an ingame family, etc.. This list can be created in the same manner friends lists are. Beds should be useable (I.E. I need to be able to put down in my bed to simulate sleeping.)

Lastly, custom pieces of paper/books ought to be allowed in game. You type them , but you might copy books you've made as well. Pieces of paper could necessitate a crafting ability of 10 and novels would vary from 11-99, one page per level.

Each page would support a certain number of characters (I am not sure what level ). After done, players can bind the novel (meaning no more alterations could be made) or else they can signal a singles sheet of paper. (books and newspaper would be permitted to be exchanged in their own unsealed form so several people can work on these ). This would allow people to make journals, advertise events/and or solutions, and buy 2007 runescape gold create formal arrangements (contracts).

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