Different Types of Xanax Bars

There are many different types of Xanax bars available in the market. Different varieties of Xanax bars are:

White Xanax bars: white Xanax bars are the 2 mg of alprazolam. They are the most well-known type of remedy as maximum production companies make the tablets in white color. They do not incorporate any color additive and have the unique color of alprazolam.

Yellow Xanax bars: yellow Xanax bars 2 mg are the popular form of the medication. Doctors typically prescribe them. They have a yellow color additive permitted by the FDA. There are many different types of Xanax bars; however, yellow Xanax is said to be the generic version.

Green Xanax bars: green Xanax bars are the maximum strength of the medication, as reported by several clinical studies. The maximum dose of Xanax extended-release tablets, 3 mg, additionally comes in green color.

Blue Xanax bars: blue Xanax bars are less popular among the different types of Xanax bars. Only some drug manufacturing groups make the drugs in this color. They contain FDA-accredited blue coloration additives.

What are the uses of different types of Xanax bars?

All the Xanax bars serve comparative purposes as they contain the identical power of active factor alprazolam. Different types of Xanax bars have the same efficacy and effectiveness. They additionally produce similar facet effects and have an identical half-life. The uses of Xanax bars consist of:

  • White Xanax bars are the most usually prescribed and used Xanax bars. Most healthcare companies of the USA specify white Xanax bars to generalize anxiety ailment signs, anxiety, and panic ailment symptoms.
  • Yellow Xanax bars are the universal shape of Xanax. Doctors prescribe them for generalized anxiety disorder remedy and management of the panic disorder. They have alprazolam within the strength of 2 mg, which is a high dose of the drug; that is why they're the most abused Xanax bars.
  • Green Xanax bars are the most effective medicine shape step with a few publish-advertising and marketing reviews and clinical trials. They are most usually prescribed for the control of panic assaults and excessive anxiety disorder.
  • Blue Xanax bars contain 1 mg of alprazolam and are much less potent than other Xanax bars. They are generally prescribed for the control of different anxiety disorders.
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