What features do players hope Madden 22 can have?

The loyal fans of the Madden series have been following the news about Madden 22, which will release on August 20th.

The loyal fans of the Madden series have been following the news about Madden 22, which will release on August 20th. Every year, fans hope that EA can add certain features and make adjustments to improve the product. Since the price of this game is expected to increase by $10 this year, players have high expectations for this version and many people have already prepared Madden 22 Coins in advance. There are some functions that players really hope Madden 22 has. If these are not available, it is likely to cause strong dissatisfaction among players and have a serious negative impact on Madden 22.

First, players hope EA can add story mode to the edition in Madden 22. A few years ago, Madden tried to add a complete campaign model. Since then, this idea has slowly developed into a beautifying creative player model. Adding a complete story, similar to what they did with Buy Madden 22 Coins, may be the way forward. Fans have been asking for a longer story that includes a mixed-featured cutscene that follows the character from the beginning, middle, and end. Will EA Sports provide people with what they want?

Second, they hope EA can add a season tracker for regular head-to-head. Players in the Madden Ultimate Team need to earn some MUT Coins to purchase a suitable player card to form a team to compete with others. The best part of MUT is the season tracker. Basically, every player will play a few games, and if they win enough victories, they will enter the playoffs. After that, if they win a certain number of games in a row, they will win the Super Bowl. However, if they lose four games in the season, they must start from the beginning. This model is a good way to replicate the burning feeling throughout the season. But this mode is only available in MUT.

If these features are really available in Madden 22, it will inevitably arouse people’s desire to buy Madden 22 and be willing to join the game. And as the player base increases, it bound the competition to become more and more fierce. Especially novice players, they’d better seize the time to seek help from GameMS to buy some reliable Madden 22 Coins and read a lot of practical game guides to promote their career development.