Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn?

Keep the line wet. Keep your line in the water as much as possible. Move around. Cast in different areas.

I’ve been thinking about fly fishing lately and what it would take to pick it up as a hobby. If you are like me and have similar questions, then we’re in this together! I’ve done some research to see what it takes to become good at fly fishing.

Is fly fishing hard to learn? Fly fishing is not too difficult to learn compared to baitcasting fishing. The most significant new concept is the casting technique. You must learn to use the weight of the line rather than the weight of the bait. Once you pick up this skill, it will become easier.

If you have any interest in learning how to cast your line for fly fishing, then read on. I will also give you some general tips that will help you in any fishing scenario to catch more fish.

How to Cast Your Line While Fly Fishing:

Hold the fly rod like you are shaking someone’s hand. Place your thumb on top with the rest of your fingers wrapped around the rod. Use a solid, yet relaxed grip.

Start your back cast. Use a lot of force and effort to put the cast in the back, starting from the front. Begin slowly and then speed up as the rod goes further back.

Stop when your line is fully off the surface. This will give momentum for your line to travel through.

Forward cast. Aim towards where you are hoping to land the line. Begin slowly and then speed up as you cast. Move all your energy into the line in a swift stroke.

Stop your hand abruptly. Your rod should still be slightly facing upward. The line will continue to go through.

This will feel extremely different compared to normal fishing. Rather than having the weight be focused on the bait, you must transfer your energy onto the line.

Once this skill of casting is learning, your fly fishing experience will be fairly similar to a regular fishing experience. You can easily find a local fly fishing shop or another place that will offer you a seminar on learning the basics of fishing.

Tips to Help you Catch More Fish:

Sometimes, the fish are just not biting or there are just not enough fish around to catch. However, there are certain things to do while fly fishing that will help you get more fish.

Some ways to catch more fish are by:

Set your hook facing downstream. Fish will feed upstream into the current of the water. This will prevent the fly from coming out of the fish’s mouth as they are being reeled in

Avoid spooking the fish. They are very easily frightened and scaring them will affect the amount of fish you catch. Hide behind things and wear natural colors.

Keep the line wet. Keep your line in the water as much as possible. Move around. Cast in different areas.

Use small files. Small files such as streamer’s, nymphs, midges, and drys will work the best to catch more fish.

Move locations. The more water you move across, the more fish there will be.

These tips, although simple, will help you to find and catch more fish. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is not to give up. Fishing days can be hard and long when the fish aren’t biting. Just keeping moving along and switch things up thorughout your day.

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