How To Make Sticky Content

We’ve all heard of sticky content, right? But what does ‘sticky’ really mean? And how do we make our blog posts and link-bait sticky?

There are lots of sources out there on how to start transcribing good content, but they tend to focus on the structure.  How to write titles, how to use sub-heads, the right length of sentences and paragraphs etc.   And it’s all great stuff, but it doesn’t really tell you what your content should contain!

How do you know your idea’s a winner?  How do you know it will spread?

Chip and Dan Heath address these factors in their AMAZING book, “Made to Stick”.  After years of study, the things they’ve found that help ideas take hold can be categorised under the following 6 principles.


Experts tend to become fascinated with the finer details, but it’s easy to bury your message in a volume of information.  You need to keep your message “succinct enough to be sticky, meaningful enough to make a difference.”


Analogies often make things simple and easy to understand because you’re comparing new concepts to something they already know.

What’s the one point you’re making?  And why would people care?


What’s new, different or surprising about what you’re saying?  This can be of huge importance, and potentially the most overlooked.  Masses of infographics abound with information like ‘Hey, isn’t Facebook big?’  Em, yeah, we know, thanks!  However, what about the announcement (at the time) that Facebook had more visitors than Google for the first time?  Okay, that’s a little unexpected.


The book gives the example of best online transcription job posed with the challenge of communicating how bad for you movie popcorn is.  Telling people it’s bad for you or it contains lots of fat is not exactly unexpected.  But how about the statement they eventually came out with?  One serving of movie popcorn contains more fat than eggs and bacon, a Big Mac and Fries and a steak dinner – combined?!

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