What Are the Best Theatrical Shows On in London

Disney musical the Lion King, or Queen's click new musical We May Stone You are pitted against audio theatre epics

Disney musical the Lion King, or Queen's click new musical We May Stone You are pitted against audio theatre epics like Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Chrome, Dallas, and the feel-good revival of Grease. But, inspite of the brilliant lights and the glow of most London theatre reveals, one display has presented onto their invest West End's florescent firmament.

The thrilling internationally acclaimed Les Misérables exposed in 1985 at the Barbican Center and remains the greatest running London theater showsof all time. At the time of 2011, the show has become in its 27th season. The musical is founded on Victor Hugo's story of the same title written in 1862. On March 3rd, 2010 it became the first musical ever to own three productions working in the exact same town at the same time.

The 2nd athlete up for typically the most popular West Conclusion audio to actually grace an audience could be the award earning Phantom of the Opera, constructed by London's own Andrew Lloyd Webber. The strike audio opened in 1986 in London and, over the lake, in America it holds the subject for the greatest operating Broadway musical to date. This year actually, Webber revives the notorious relationship in the newest audio "

Enjoy Never Dies" whereby the Phantom and Christine meet again two decades later in Coney Island. One should respect Webber for brazenly ignoring the admonition to 'quit while one is ahead.' and that new audio may make the original Phantom the only real audio to consistently run along side its sequel!

Among other extended running musicals are Blood Brothers, Cats, Oliver, and the Starlight Show which was changed mid-run and involved whole figures choreographed on roller skates. Recent modern favourites that might someday contain the concept for greatest operating or the most used London cinema display of them all are Mom Mia, composed only from the maximum visits of the Swedish band ABBA,

Detroit, which exposed in 1979 has get back to West End with a resurrection, and Grease. The Lion King, based on the Disney movie, characteristics from this earth spectacle helping to make innovative utilization of puppetry and dance. Each one of these incredible West End musicals are certain to produce their mark in London's theatrical history and if your display lands in West End? It's just a subject of time before the strike show debuts in different important cities across the world with likewise spectacular results.

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